Halfway through group session 2, we launch Phase 2 of the course, relationships.  How do we relate to friends, neighbours or family?  Do our relationships drain us or energise us?  Do we listen as well as we may think?  The ears are still under scrutiny here, but in this phase we link them with our tongues.  Your mentor meeting in the middle of this phase will reflect together on a life map you have started to construct, your sense of identity and mission and how you communicate that to others.   Almost certainly by now you will have taken some definite steps towards the goals you identified in the spiritual inventory, and will be talking about how to retain those while still pressing forward. As we close off the relationships phase in group session 3, we review some of the huge cultural changes of the last 500 years and how this has affected our views around God, intimacy and accountability.  We conclude with one of life’s biggest questions: how can I be truly an individual while remaining deeply connected to another?