The more progress we make, the more we become aware of the need for discipline. Launched in the second half of session 3, we focus on the eyes (our vision) and the hands, feet and tongue (what we do and say).  We consider motivations and strategies for discipline and go off into phase 3 with some practical suggestions to try.  During this phase you will repeat the spiritual inventory with your mentor, and may be surprised at the quiet progress you have been making.  You may find that your ideals have shifted, that some goals were either more or less important than you first thought.  You may find there are now new habits to nurture and some challenging gaps you still want to bridge. Session 4 connects up discipline, identity and purpose, and reviews not just the discipline phase, but the whole course so far through seven keys to self-mastery.  With lots of group interaction, there is now a strong sense of journeying together, though the more confidential areas of your life will be kept within the confines of the mentor relationship.