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Since Habits of the Heart went online in 2020, you have the opportunity to walk with 8-10 church leaders, on a journey guided by your mentor, but designed and executed around your own sense of priority and aspiration for your personal growth, while helping you evaluate if this is something you would like to roll out further.

Life inventories will take place between July and September, and 1-1 mentoring will take place online or face to face at your mutual convenience 3-4 weeks after each of the online group sessions. If you already have dedicated weekly space in your diary for personal reflection, the "offline" exercises will probably fit into that space. If not, you should think about setting aside 2-3 hours a month in addition to the contact time indicated below, making a total of 4 hours a month for this entire venture. Think of it as an extended guided retreat dropped into the middle of your normal life.

Anything you share with your mentor will be kept confidential just between the two of you, including the numerical life inventory. Only anonymised summary group results will be shared and discussed with the group as a whole, and nothing will be shared outside the group.

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  • Life Inventories: Jun - Sep 2022
  • Group session 1: Thu 13th Oct 2022 2-4pm
  • 1hr Mentoring: Thu 10th Nov 2022 (Approx)
  • Group session 2: Thu 8th Dec 2022 2-4pm
  • 1hr Mentoring: Thu 5th Jan 2023 (Approx)
  • Group session 3: Thu 2nd Feb 2023 2-4pm
  • 1hr Mentoring: Thu 2nd Mar 2023 (Approx)
  • Group session 4: Thu 30th Mar 2023 2-4pm
  • 1hr Mentoring: Thu 27th Apr 2023 (Approx)
  • Group session 5: Thu 18th May 2023 2-4pm
  • 1 hr Mentoring: Thu 15th June 2023 (Approx)

For more information email [email protected].

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If you like the course, and wish to roll it out within your church, we will work with you to deliver it to a group of early adopters. This will be a group of 8-12 people who have the potential to mentor and/or facilitate in the future. But please understand what this course will and will not do for you. The course will not fulfil the function of a stand-alone follow-up course for new believers. For that, you want something more Jesus-specific. Nor has it been designed with those under 25 in mind. The course will

  • help you build leaders who are engaged in whole life discipleship
  • offer challenging and supportive spiritual nourishment to leaders
  • help build a culture of mentoring within your church.

Unless you are a large church, we recommend you consider teaming up with one or two of the other church leaders in the initial cohort. Our focus will be on helping you to facilitate and mentor well, working alongside you inside and outside of the group sessions in an action and reflection style.

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YEAR 3 onwards

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For a modest annual fee, your church can continue to have access to the electronic inventory system, as well as the latest session outlines, video clips etc, which will all be available in a password protected area of the website. 

You may then freely teach the material to your own church members, and you are encouraged to invite participants to act as mentors to those from neighbouring churches to help them get started.

You will be able to send new people for mentor and/or facilitator training as you begin to experience attrition and need to top up your skill base.

As each course comes to an end, Habits “graduates” will be encouraged to consider an accountability framework to replace the one they are now losing, eg prayer partners/triplets, an external spiritual director/mentor or possibly continuing with the mentoring relationship established during the habits course.  We strongly recommend that each participant make and own this decision for themselves as this greatly increases its potential for longevity and effectiveness.

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Year One

£265 per person in the initial cohort.  Sign up for the course starting in October, or talk to us about going straight for a course with a leadership group in your own church with at least 10 participants.

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Year Two

We are currently offering facilitation, mentoring and administrative training and support to you free of charge. If you would like to draw on our team to actually mentor your participants while you build up your own internal capacity, the fee for mentoring one person is £210.

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Year Three & Onwards

For £100 a year you can have ongoing access to all teaching and mentoring resources, and run as many courses as you wish with whoever you wish.

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