Oct 19, 2018

“This is the best course I’ve ever been on”

I wrote my own vignette for the book “Leadership Matters” while teaching our pilot resilience course, which ran from May to July 2017, and seemed to be extremely successful. An obvious question to ask is how were our participants faring a year later?  We were able to make contact with four of our six participants, […]

Jan 29, 2020

Leadership Matters: the mindful-promise

We use 1.5 planet’s worth of resources to fuel growth and consumption, the world’s eight wealthiest people own the same as the poorest 3.6 billion, the financial sector is driven by profit creating unstable phantom wealth, and excessive corporate power is exercised through political lobbying. Rates of personal stress and depression are increasingly globally. With this […]

Nov 27, 2019

Leadership Matters? Finding Voice, Connection and Meaning in the 21st Century

Just about a year ago, at the request of Chris Mabey I spent some days reviewing chapter drafts from various members of the core team of the ethical leadership.org university seminar series.  I am happy to have just received a copy of the book, with the above title.  In the end, I contributed a small […]

Jun 21, 2016

60 today

Some countries have “coming of age” ceremonies for those reaching 60, marking the fact that a person has become an elder in the community, setting up an expectation that light should pour forth from this person now old and experienced enough for their main contribution to be wisdom rather than widgets, prophecy rather that profit. When I turned 21 [...]

Oct 26, 2015

Seminar #5: Spiritual and Ethical Leadership in Health and Education (Birmingham University)

Having attended five out of five seminars, I personally thought this was the most complete of all in all respects: spiritual,  personal, professional, academic. Sara, Doctoral Researcher and series administrator At 9.40am I invited the gathering participants to follow me if they wanted to participate in the optional opening meditation.  Three people followed, but as […]

Sep 25, 2015

The aftertaste

Last night 16 people flocked into the Agape building for our Habits Taster session.  This represented a great step forward in our collaboration with ChaplaincyPlus, as all but one had been invited by Steve Bavington (pictured) who spearheads that business network.  Already two from last night have signed in to the course starting October 12th, […]