How can we help your Church?

As a church leader, you are aware of the importance of discipleship, lifelong learning and the potential of mentoring to help both you and your members live with integrity and focus. Drawing on the Hebrew wisdom tradition, with its holistic approach to creation and its relational approach to learning, Habits of the Heart can help your church build a mentoring culture which challenges the sacred-secular divide, complements your Sunday programme and fosters genuine growth.

Journeying together

Join a Habits course for church leaders to help foster your own growth and help you evaluate if this is something you would like to roll out further.

Course Flow

Each participant is led step by step from life inventory to beauty to relationships to discipline to mission in four well paced phases


To find out more about how we could help you or your church, contact [email protected]


Since 2008, Habits of the Heart has been developed and taught by a team with decades of experience in mentoring, facilitating, coaching and leadership development.