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What is it?: A course designed to help you embrace new skills and discover a sense of balance, purpose and spiritual energy in your busy working life. Participants develop a series of effective habits over the duration of the course.

How long is it?: The course kicks off with a 30-minute personal inventory followed by five 2 hour group sessions on alternate months, 6 hours of personal coaching sessions and various imaginative individual assignments.

With the sessions spread out over 7-8 months there is a realistic amount of time between sessions to practice new habits and see some progress in the goals you set.

Coaching dates interweave with the group sessions with flexibility on timing and location.

Who is the course for? The course is for individuals who want to find balance in their work life and cultivate wise and effective habits. Whether you're deeply frustrated with the status quo or just want to seriously reflect on your work life and your life goals, Habits of the Heart is for you.

The Habits course can also be run as part of company training and can include the 'Relationships' course, which is also a stand alone course offered by AWI.

What impact does the course really have? Over the years we've run the course, we've collected personal stories as well as some data:

  • 80% felt the course helped them draw more energy from culture and nature
  • 78% said it helped them build more effective relationships
  • 97% felt it had helped them grow in self-awareness
  • 66% said they had become clearer on their life purpose
  • 69% said they had developed new life skills

Who leads it? Habits of the Heart is led by a team of facilitators from AWI with decades of experience in spiritual and relational coaching.

Where and when do the courses run? Details of current and future courses can be found on our Upcoming Dates page.

How do I get started?
Request a confidential spiritual inventory from Phil Jackman: Not only is this inventory a valuable exercise in itself, it is the first activity of the Habits course and should help you decide whether or not to pursue the course further.

Email to register your interest in our next course.