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"Our desire is to recapture some of that holistic attitude to learning. Wisdom in the ancient world always connected intellect and character"

Phil Jackman, Habits of the Heart course creator

Course Aims

To help participants to become more fully human by:

  • Appreciating beauty
  • Building effective relationships
  • Clarifying a life purpose
  • Deepening self-awareness and self-control
  • Embracing new life skills

The Life Inventory

The course begins with a 54 question life inventory, conducted 1-to-1 by one of the Habits mentors who will usually continue to work with the same person throughout the course. This inventory often forms part of the decision-making process for those considering signing up for a course. The mentor will then feed back a summary of the inventory through a two page report, offering pointers and suggestions the individual may wish to follow.

The inventory tool, at regular intervals during the course, indicates your progress and gives you an agenda to discuss with yourself, your partner, your coach/mentor or a good friend.

The two part Life Inventory and Report costs £60 for the two appointments with a Habits of the Heart mentor, but is deductable from the course fee if you sign up for a Habits course within six months.

To book for your personal inventory click on the link in the bottom right hand corner and one of our team will be in contact.


The Course Structure

The course then proceeds in four phases.

Each phase is 6-8 weeks long, consisting of:

  1. Creative, approachable exercises aimed at forming and retaining good life habits
  2. A 1-to-1 coaching session
  3. A two-hour interactive group seminar/workshop at either end of the phase

Each group session rounds off the previous phase and introduces the next. Each phase invites participants to consider both external behaviour and deeper heart issues.

Phase 1: Beauty

Recognizing and appreciating beauty is a prerequisite to creating it. But it’s easy to rush through life not noticing or dwelling on beauty. We work on this area first, exploring our connections with culture and nature. We also ask participants to reflect on what would constitute a “beautiful” and “successful” life for them.

Phase 2: Relationships

During this second phase we provide some training in communication skills. In particular we practice good listening and speaking. We also invite participants to create their own life map.

We touch on the themes of integrity, moral courage and others-centredness.

Phase 3: Self-Discipline

Avoiding the bad and pursuing the good takes focus and patience. The principles of self-discipline are often easy to identify, but very difficult to put into practice. With the help of the mentors and some clear goal-setting this phase of the course can be an encouraging time of growth and renewed hope as good ideas become credible habits.

Phase 4: Mission & Purpose

Who am I and what do I really want? Many of the earlier threads of the course come together now in this final phase.

What is my place on planet earth? How do I relate to humanity? How do I see ultimate reality? In the final group session, each participant is invited to give a short talk on one of these deeper questions, touching on their own sense of identity and mission. These short talks are a course highlight and frequently exhibit great depth, insight and inspiration.

Then What?

Once the course is completed participants are encouraged to continue pursuing their intended goals and to put into practice those habits which most resonated with them during the course.

With the aid of their course journal, inventory results and course handbook each Habits of the Heart graduate will have a lot of material to help propel them forward in the quest to live a healthier, more centred, more generous life.

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